About Us


I'm Andy Wilson. Pro MMA fighter and Head Coach of West Coast MMA, based out of Ayr, Scotland.

I have trained in many martial arts. I Started off with the traditional arts Karate, Aikido JuJitsu and Judo. Then added other skills like Kickboxing, Boxing, Wrestling, Thai, and BJJ as the UFC and Vale Tudo became more popular.

I learned during my first MMA fight how important strength & conditioning were. Over the years have added training methods to martial techniques to help myself and my clients become better martial artists.


I'm currently based out of WOSSOBAMA Gym, Wellington Lane, Ayr.

I have access to other gyms in the area, and can try and arrange anywhere, if you prefer to train where you have a membership.

That being said, no gym is necessary! The good weather is coming soon, and I take many clients down the beach area wether permitting.

Home training ??  Of course I can!

If you have a suitable space to train, I can come to you.



Arrangements can be made to suit you!

I am available to clients 6 days a week and book clients from  6.00am till late

Lunchtime slots are also available.


Sessions are 1hr, but 30min sessions can be arranged.


I also do not charge extra for 2 people training together and splitting the cost

All you need to know should be here. But please get in contact if you have any questions.